Rosie & Kaleb’s Forever Family

Update from Rosie (aka Barbra) and Kaleb’s new family: we don’t call her Barbra…..just Rosie!  She doesn’t even answer to Barbra because ever since she came home, I only call her Rosie.
We didn’t really change their names too much.  The only difference that I made with Rosie’s is

Rosie, Kaleb, John & Tim

that her full name has now been changed to:  Stevie Rose Marie, and Kaleb’s is: Kaleb Lynn.  My partner, John, wanted the “Lynn” part in honor of my late KatieLynn, my brindle grey, that passed away Sept. 1, 2009.

Other than that, they are both doing well, love being with each other, they play and race around my backyard endlessly, and then they come into the house and crash for a couple of hours until it’s time to do it all over again.
When I’m at work, they spend their day in their crates, side by side, so they don’t get loney and my housekeeper pops in from time to time to check on them and make sure everything’s ok.  But when I’m home, they’re out in the yard doing all sorts of things and by nightfall, they’re both pretty exhausted!  I don’t have to work too much getting them to go to their respected crates for bedtime!


  1. Pat Middleton on

    What a perfect family!
    4 handsome dudes and 1 beautiful lady!
    Love it!

  2. Pat Middleton on

    Oops that is 3 handsome dudes and 1 beautiful lady. I guess i was counting the neighbor’s cat

  3. Rose Marie Cazantzes on

    Hi my Godchildren…you make me proud that you are in our big OGGA family…life is so good at retirement, huh?

  4. What a cool looking gang!!!! Glad they are so darn happy now too…they deserve it. Another happy adoption…keep up the good work OGGA!!!!

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