Rico’s Topange

Rico's Topange



Name:  Rico’s Topange
Sex:  Female
DOB: 6-5-07
Cat Safe:  NO

Pedigree Information

Rico's Topange

Rico's Topange


  1. Rose Marie Cazantzes on

    Love Her!!!!

  2. pat middleton on

    Topange is very outgoing and when I walked in the kennel to pick them up she patiently waited until I got her out and then she wanted to play, She is very pretty in person and just a fun girl. They said she is cat safe but has shown some interest in cats now that she is out of the kennel. She will have to be tested.

  3. I am fostering her and she is not cat safe

  4. I can,t wait to get to PetSmart with my foster Mom. I got brushed and I get to wear a scarf! I hope someone will come to visit.

  5. Well Topanga is a very outgoing girl! She loves to follow me where ever I go. She is not shy and is starting to play with some toys. She can be placed in a home with children. I hope someone will take her home soon. She is a great greyhound!

  6. Well Topange has turned in to one of the best dogs I have ever fostered! She is very loving,smart and curious. She loves my grandkids and wants to play with them. She is not a bit shy and can run rings around my big boy Oakly. She is always up to go outside with Carley (my shy girl)for a good run. I hope some one will take her home and give her a lot of love and attention.

  7. Karen:
    Is Topange still available?

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