GLS Bandana


Racing Name:  GLS Bandana

Call Name:  Amber
Sex:  Female
Color: Red Brindle
DOB: 12-31-09
Tattoo:  129E-52582
Weight:  58 pounds
Cat Safe:  Yes

GLS Bandana "Amber"


1-30-2012  Update from Foster Mom:

Amber is  easy to get along with and loves the other dogs. She and my girl, Nellie, had a couple of wild play times but calmed down quick. They were throwing stuffed animals in the air and chasing each other.
She eats very nice. Not demanding at all.
She was easy to house train since she  immediately began to use the dog door.




  1. pat middleton on

    Amber is doing so well. She was spayed on Wednesday and had a quiet day Thursday but is recovering nicely. She is a sweet girl and no trouble at all.She is learning real fast that the other dogs do not get crated and is not wanting to be crated at night but for her own safety she is crated at night. She has really buddied up with Nellie and Nellie cannot leave the room without her right behind. She still uses the doggie door but would prefer me to just open the door for her. I hope she finds a home soon as she is one that I may not want to let go! Help me I cannot fail fostering again. lol

  2. Rose Caz on

    Oh what a doll !!!! Help us to be strong…this one could sneak into the OGGA family easy !!!

  3. pat middleton on

    Amber is just the sweetest girl. I am sure she is the easiest foster I have had. She is recovering really well from her spay. She loves the other dogs here and just likes to hang with them and do what they do. She has short bursts of energy with her stuffies and loves our big fenced in yard which she has not been able to enjoy much as she is still recovering from the spay and I don’t want her to run. She does like to run but only for a few minutes and then she is done. She uses the doggie door into the small yard. She is very smart and has learned the rules quickly.Actually without us teaching her. she just follows by example. She is anti crate already but does go in easy when I make her but stays away from me if she thinks I am going to put her in when I go drive bus. She sleeps out of the crate now in our bedroom on a dog bed and stays there until one of us gets up. We are really going to have a hard time letting her go but when she finds a home another can come and wait for their forever home.

  4. pat middleton on


  5. pat middleton on

    Amber got her stitches out and is ready to find her forever home. Her personality is coming out more all the time. She is a little shy at first meeting but she loves to be loved and loves hanging with other dogs.

  6. pat middleton on

    Amber is back visiting while her new mom has a cast put on her leg. We are enjoying her so much. Her personality is really popping out and she loves being with the other dogs. I don’t crate her at all any more. She is just doing fine. You would never know she is here as she just fits in.

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