Mulberry Didi

Mulberry Didi


Mulberry Didi

Sex: Female
Color:  Dark Brindle
DOB:  3-2-09
Weight:  57 pounds
Cat Safe:  Yes

Mulberry Didi


Foster Parent Update:

3/31/2012—Didi is doing really well and learning fast.  She is totally cat safe and does well with children.  She’s a great dog and I would love to adopt her myself,  but I feel that 3 may be too much for me.  She is available for adoption and I will have her at Petsmart this Sunday, 4/1, for the meet and greet.   


3/12/2012–Didi is doing really well. She slept straight through the night on the futon beside my bed. Never made a peep. She’s getting along great with the cats and with Molly and Mojo. She ate a little last night and more this morning.   She found one of Mojo’s toys and has claimed it for herself. I gave all three of them bathes this morning, Didi still had some track funk to her. She seems happy.



  1. ksmartin966 on

    What a fun dog Didi is. She loves to play with her toys but also likes to rest beside me when I work on the computer.

  2. Dana Pechatsko on

    Will Didi be at the gathering this weekend? She’s very cute!

  3. Yes Dana she will be there!

  4. Pat Middleton on

    I just can’t believe Didi has not been adopted. She is so beautiful and is all personality! What a great girl.

  5. Carol Rakoczy on

    Precious! Is she still available for adoption?

  6. Christi Schwiger on

    Is Didi going to be at Petsmart this Sunday, Dec 16? If so, what time will she be there?
    Please email me when you have a moment.

  7. Yes I will havs Didi there by 11 am. She is a great girl. Hope to see you Sun.

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