Rico’s Penguin


Rico’s Penguin

Sex: Male

Color: White Ticked Red

DOB:  9-28-09

Cat Safe:   NOT Cat Safe

UPDATE…Penguin..whom I call Pengy which Aunt Jeanie Miller gave him and it fits him perfect..no crate, no accidents and eats with the others and doesn’t go in their dishes..perfect boy..as you can see, he loves his toys and likes to play with balls and throw them around..never had a grey do that before..I love him Val..but I have to make this fostering work….it’s tough because he is so content with us..I leave the house and he greets me at the door with the others..he is BLISS!!


  1. Rose Caz on

    Penguin is a big sweet boy !!

  2. Rose Caz on

    P.S. Real men wear pink !!

  3. He is toooooooooo cool.

  4. pat middleton on

    Love him. He is such a laid back sweet boy. So easy to be around.

  5. Rose Caz on

    Update on my foster son, Penguin..I left the house for an hour and a half and forgot to crate him..he was so proud to greet me at the door with his 3 foster brothers and sister…nothing was touched…what a sweetheart..he makes his ahemmm, foster mom proud !!

  6. Candice Tidwell on

    Just cave already Rose. He is much too handsome to pass along. Somebody adopt him quick before I do.

  7. He is a sweet loving beauty.

  8. pat middleton on

    This possibly is the most laid back dog I have ever met. He takes in every new thing just like he has always been doing them. Again pictures do not do justice as he is super handsome. Somebody help Rose out or she is going to fail fostering again! Be strong Rose!

  9. Elizabeth on

    Hello. My husband and I have been considering adopting a greyhound for awhile. Penguin is absolutely beautiful. We have two Italian Greyhounds and I love that Penguin is so comfortable with change and laid back. I would love the opportunity to speak with you more.

  10. penguin is very sweet. rose keep up the good work. i am looking for him a home too, and correct real men wear pink

  11. Pat Middleton on

    Where or where is a forever home for Penguin. He is so pretty and such a sweet boy. I thought he would be the first one gone and he is still here. Just because he does not like cats does not mean he is not a nice boy. Lots of people don’t like cats, right Penguin? Just a sweetheart otherwise! Easy going boy!

  12. Poor Penguin needs a home for Christmas! He came to us in March and is still looking for his forever home

  13. I’d love to be able to give Penguin a home this Christmas, but I don’t know if my brother’s dog would get along with him. Is there anything I can do to help find a home for him and/or learn more about taking care of a greyhound? I’d like to be able to adopt one in the near future when I move out of my parent’s house.

  14. I’m looking to adopt and will be at the meet and greet on Sunday. I’m willing to adopt seniors and even special needs dogs. Can someone fill me in on penguin ? Why such a long foster placement ?
    He looks so handsome and loving

  15. We have had Penguin for a while because he turned out not to be cat safe. Not cat safe dogs are harder to place because most people have cats or small dogs. He is a great dog!!
    His foster mom will be giving you a call

  16. I was sad to see that Penguin is still there. He was my first choice but Jackpot decided that we were to be his parents instead.

    We have had discussions about getting another dog but since we go away for the winter transporting two greyhounds would be difficult.

    We will continue to think about it and if we decide and if Penguin is still available, we’ll look at him again. Cat safeness is not an issue for us.

  17. Christi Schwiger on

    We applied to adopt a greyhound from you guys but someone else adopted her before we did. We think that Penguin is too cute and would love to meet with you to see if he likes us. Would you please email me to set up a time to meet?
    Thank you,

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