Annie Antebellum

 Foster Annie



Annie Antebellum

Call Name: Annie
Sex:              Female
Color:          Red
DOB:            9-26-08
Cat Safe:     Yes


Annie is going to make someone a really great dog! She is beautiful, and has a great personality. She is very curious and went up my stairs right away.  She also climbed up on top of our built in firewood storage! She is quit and is not sure how to play with toys. Her first night she slept ok but wined several times then settled back down when I told her to.

Today she is much more relaxed and we have had no accidents in the house.


Annie Antebellum

Annie Antebellum





  1. Rose Mathes on

    We live in Wheeling, WV and just had to put our 10 y.o. yellow lab to sleep. We are interested in Annie. Where is she housed? Could we come to see her?

  2. Annie is a wonderful dog but we adopt to famlies that live closer. We are based in Stark Co. Ohio. Thank you for your interest. It is because of people like you that we are able to find homes for our greys! You should be able to find a group closer to your home.

  3. ksmartin966 on

    Update on Annie. She has turned into a great dog! She has learned to play with toys and enjoys running outside with her best friend Topange. She would really like a forever home. A place where she can have fun and give as well as get a lot of love.

  4. kathy erdely on

    we just adopted Annie. We justlove her. She gets so much love and attention. We are looking forward to adopting a second Greyhound to be her companion.Annie is a wonderful loving pet. We couldnt have asked for a better pet. Thank you so much.

  5. Rose Caz on

    That little thief stole her family’s hearts ..good job, Annie

  6. kathy erdely on

    We have had Annie for almost 2 years now.I cant imagine our home without her. She is so loving.She stole our heart the minute she pranced through our door almost 2 years ago.Love this princess so much!

  7. Yes Kathy, these greys tend to steal hearts <3.

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