Kiowa Michelle

Kiowa Michelle


Racing Name:                  Kiowa Michelle

Color:                  Brindle

Sex:                      Female

DOB:                     5-29-11

Cat Safe:              Yes



Foster Michelle


  1. Michelle is doing wonderful, shows no interest at all in the cats. She acts like she has been here forever. She may be tiny but she pushes the boys out of the way.

  2. Christi Schwiger on

    We had a great time as a family seeing the greyhounds today. The kids, my husband and I just loved them! They are such a sweet breed. We will definitely be back to visit and see who has yet to find a home that we think may be a good addition to our own. Thanks for giving of yourselves for these sweet dogs.

  3. Christi Schwiger on

    We would love to spend some time with Michelle. We met her at PetSmart the first part of December. We love greyhounds but want to find one that loves us and we her. Would you mind emailing me?
    Thank you!

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