KB’S Clear Rock

KB’S Clear Rock “Rocky”


Name:  KB’S Clear Rock

Sex: Male
Color: Red
Weight:  73 pounds
DOB: 12-3-07
Cat Safe: No

KB’S Clear Rock








  1. pat tidwell on

    Rocky is a really sweet boy. Smart, loves attention and will make a greyt boy for someone.

  2. Charles Bickel on

    What is Rocky’s temperment like with other dogs?

  3. Pat Tidwell on

    Rocky has a very sweet temperament with dogs his own size. He is not cat or small animal safe. So if you have a smaller dog it would not be a good fit.

  4. Pat Middleton on

    Pictures do not do this boy justice. He is a beauty! So sweet also. He would love a forever home for CHristmas!

  5. Gary Samuels on

    I owned Rocky as a racer. What a special dog he is indeed. Thank You to everyone at OGGA for taking care of him so well. Special Thanks to Mike Seeger for making the arrangements to have him sent to Ohio, and I believe it is Pat Tidwell who is watching him until a permanent home is found. Thanks Pat!!!


  6. J. Williams on

    Just checking – it looks like Rocky will be there today. will he be there the whole time, or if just part, more toward the beginning or end of the 11-3 session? Thanks!

  7. So glad Rocky found a forever home 🙂

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