Foster Haskell


Race Name:   Ceaseless
Call Name:     Haskell
Sex:                  Male
Color:              White/Brindle
DOB:                12-23-09
Cat Safe:         Yes


Haskell had a cast taken off right rear leg two days ago5/16, he is just starting to put some weight on it.

Foster Haskell b


  1. What a good boy Haskell is! Acts like he lived in a house before. Didn’t act like the tv, windows, mirrors or the hard wood floors bothered him at all. Eating very well, doesn’t care a bit about the cats. Loves to be outside to work on his tan. It has only been a week since he got his cast off so still limping.

  2. We are so happy for our foster son. He got his forever home today!

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