CTW My Own Money

CTW My Own Money


Racing Name:   CTW My Own Money
Call Name:         Money
Sex:                Female
Color:            Red Brindle
DOB:              6-8-09
Cat Safe:      Yes

CTW My Own Money 1


  1. Nancy McGarr on

    Hi Lisa and Dan,
    I just wanted let you know we really were happy to meet Money today!
    I think she did very well with Alex and she settled very quickly with walking around PetSmart with us. She was’t even bothered by Alex’s hugs. I will be contacting Wendy tomorrow to see if we can have you guys come to our home for a visit! Money is such a sweet girl. Just like honey ha ha!

  2. Money has been living with us while searching for her forever home. She is such a sweet girl and will make a great companion for someone. She is super laid back and extremely well behaved. A little bit of play time and a lot of love and lounging is all this girl needs. Money gets along great with all our other dogs, and completely ignores our cat.

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