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Driven Momentum

Call Name:           Tony
Sex:                        Male
Color:                    Black
DOB:                      2-2-10
Cat Safe:               Yes


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  1. pat middleton on

    Tony is a love. He was a little sick on the ride home but I think it was anxiety of what is next because he bounced right back and is doing great. He gets along well with the other dogs and is playing with stuffies. He is curious and investigates everything. He loves being out and has mastered the doggie door already. We did not have to teach him he just followed the others on his first day. He is pretty but more than pretty, he is CUTE.
    A VERY nice boy!

  2. pat middleton on

    What a great boy! It is almost like he is not a new boy. He is so good and just fits in so perfectly. He has a very sweet low keyed personality. He does like to play with is stuffies but does not go crazy. He has gone on 2 meet & greets and everyone is drawn to him. He is very social and his tail is always going when he meets new people. He will make someone a wonderful companion.

  3. pat middleton on

    With the good there is a little bad. I am still crating him when I am gone and he hates the crate and usually throws up in the crate and drools till he has a puddle. I am going to leave him out for short trips and see if he is ok. He does not bother anything but paper items. Loves to shred the newspaper or magazines. I forgot to mention this before and thought I should.

  4. pat middleton on

    Tony has been the perfect boy so far since I quit crating him. He does not bother a thing and no potty issues. I have not crated him for a week now and so far, so good. He loves to play and if it would quit snowing I think he would love to chase a ball in the yard. He does here in the house.

  5. pat middleton on

    Tony is a perfect sweetheart. Just love this boy. He loves to cuddle and play. He still will shred a newspaper or magazine if left out but other than that he is the best. Very easy to have around.

  6. pat middleton on

    Even though I did not make the front page again be sure to look at me. I am beautiful and love to ride in the car. I will go any where and sit in the car nice while my mom is in the grocery store. If I am real good I get a treat. I love kids and they pet me all the time and I wag my tail at them. I will be at Elder Beerman today and also at Pet supplies plus. I have a busy, busy day.

  7. pat middleton on

    Tony went to Dueber school today for St. Pet’s day. He loved the kids and they loved him. He even made friends with a little girl who, the teacher said, was very afraid of dogs.
    The only thing that bothered him was a heavy metal band they had play for the kids. He headed for the door.

  8. pat middleton on

    I can’t believe Tony is still here. He is such a super sweet boy and no problem at all. He has really settled in and it will be sad to see him go when he does find his forever home. His personality is starting to really pop now and he loves to play and loves his people.

  9. Nancy McGarr on

    Hi Pat,

    My name is Nancy and we are a family that has a 3 year old son. We have recently put an application with GAO and visted with their greyhounds. Susan and Linda felt that our son was a little rambuctious for their greyhounds (he did keep on trying to hug one of them). I was a little heartbroken to hear that this beauiful breed might not be a good fit for a family with young children. I was told to try an adoption agency that fosters greys because they are more socialized. I was browsing this site and read that Tony seems to like children so I have hope that it maybe we can still adopt one?!
    Woukd you feel like Tony would be suitable for a home with a young child? Does your agency have greys that are fostered in homes with children.

  10. kathy erdely on

    Hello! Do male and female greyhounds get along together? Would he be a good fit for Annie and our family?He looks so sweet. Does he still shread papers?

  11. pat middleton on

    Kathy,Yes Tony gets along fine with females. I have 3 males and 1 female. She is the boss. He came up with Annie. He has not shred any papers for a long time. He is very sweet. We really love him a lot.

  12. pat middleton on

    Nancy, We have adopted out to people with younger children. The children Tony has been around the most a my grandsons who are older. He did go to the elementary school for a visit and did well but it was a very controlled environment. How old is your son? Do you have a fenced yard?

  13. kathy erdely on

    Hi Pat, when can we meet Tony?Possibly a home visit.

  14. Nancy McGarr on

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you for getting back with me. My son Alex is 3. We had an Italian Spinone named Casey (65 lbs) who was almost 9 when he was born and at a young age he was very gentle and affectionate with her. He was very affectionate with a couple of the GAO greys which Linda was concerned that since her dogs weren’t as socialized, could be a potential problem.
    My boss owns 5 greys, recommended trying a grey that is fostered. She has contacted Donna that is in your group to see if there are any that are fostered with families that have children.
    We have a 6′ high wooden fenced yard that is 100′ by 86′. I would be more than happy to have you and Tony come for a visit. I have already completed an application for your agency but was waiting to see if there was any possibilty for adopting with your group first.
    I think Tony is gorgeous boy and would love to meet him!

  15. pat middleton on

    Nancy, Donna is not with our group. She is with Erie shores greyhound adoption.
    I will pass the request to our adoption coordinator and have her get back to you. It is a busy week with spring breaks going on.

  16. pat middleton on

    Kathy, I will get with Wendy and Karen to see if we can do a visit. I have one son coming here this weekend and another next weekend so am kind of booked. Is Annie all settled in?
    Do you have any cats? I would like to have Wendy re-cat test him if so. He was tested cat safe at the track but there are so many feral cats around here and he has shown some interest but may just be curious.

  17. kathy erdely on

    Hi Pat. Annie is well settled in. She loves her home and we sure love her. She is such a love. We do have 2 cats that are 15 yrs old. They dont seem to be bothered by Annie and she ignores them.Ill be loking forward to hearing from you.

  18. pat middleton on

    Kathy, Email me as I have tried to get in touch with you. He is a sweetie. He is so settled in here , it is almost like he has always been here.

  19. pat middleton on

    Tony is still here and quite settled in. HE is such a joy and such a good boy .

  20. pat middleton on

    Tony tore out a nail. I think on the deck and now he is pouting as he had to go to the vet and he does not like the bandage. He is going to hate it more today as he has to keep his foot dry and will have to wear a baggie on his bandage to go out as it is raining and raining.

  21. pat middleton on

    Tony found his forever home.
    His family is extremely happy to have him and he is a joy in their lives.

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