Oshkosh Millie

Oshkosh Millie


Racing Name:        Oshkosh Millie
Call Name:              Millie
Sex:                       Female
Color:                   Black
DOB:                     6-1-11
Cat Safe:              Yes


Oshkosh Millie 1


Click here for video of Millie playing at her foster home.




  1. kathy erdely on

    Hi, we just adopted Annie. We just love her. We are lookin forward to adopting another to be her buddy. Do you think she would be a good fit?

  2. It will be about three weeks until we can get Millie spayed, she is in heat right now.

  3. Hello, I am inquiring as to whether or not Millie is still available for adoption. thank you.

  4. Well Jeannie, Millie just found her forever home. Don’t give up, we have other beautiful girls still waiting for adoption plus OGGA will be getting more from Wheeling in the coming months.

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