Foster Peanutsmintpeace Peace


Call Name: Peace

Color: Brindle
DOB: 5-4-11
Cat Safe: Yes

Peace had a cast taken off her right rear leg two weeks ago, still limping a little.


Foster Peace 3


  1. pat tidwell on

    I have been fostering Peace for a few days now. I have been calling her Sweet P. which she is. She is very sweet and very smart. Loves her nice soft bed a lot. And loves that she can get a drink or go outside whenever she likes. She likes to talk to you. Had her first meet and greet yesterday and loved everybody. Seems to be good with kids. She favours her leg a little when gets tired but you wouldn’t know otherwise.

  2. pat middleton on

    I visited Pat T and got to see Peace. What a love she is. Very beautiful. Pictures do not do her justice. She is very vocal and that is so cute. What a great girl she will be for someone.

  3. pat middleton on

    Had I not flunked fostering with Tony I would have Peace as I need a little girl. Still missing Nellie.

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