2013 Gathering Rabbit Lure

A stuffed Spunky the Rabbit Lure from the Wheeling Downs Track has been donated to this years Silent Auction along with a race program.

Spunky the Rabbit Lure from Wheeling Track

Spunky the Rabbit Lure from the Wheeling Downs Track will up for bids at the 2013 Silent Auction.

Lure Lore

(excerpt taken from www.greyhoundinfo.org)

In 1912, Owen Patrick Smith developed and patented the first mechanical lure in North America that that would run around an oval track.   It took a few more years for the lure system to become reliable enough for commercial use, but in 1922 the Miami Kennel Club in Hialeah, Florida, became the first greyhound race track to use this system.

The lure mechanism has been the subject of invention and patents. Most consist of a motor that runs along a rail with an attached arm that holds an artificial lure. Lures have been suspended on a holder that looks an inverted “L” with the lure attached to the end of the short bar, over the track. The attached lure looks like a large dog toy in the form of a bone-shaped treat or a bunny.

Most lures were originally rabbit-shaped, but in the mid-1980’s there was pressure from animal rights groups and some humane societies to change the lure shape because the rabbit shape allegedly implied or even encouraged hound blood lust.  Many tracks changed to a bone shaped lure at that time.

To continue reading about the greyhound lure click here to go to Greyhound Info.

Wheeling program

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