Colt Malibu

Foster Colt Malibu 2


Racing Name:    Colt Malibu

 Sex:     Female

Color:  Brindle

DOB:     3-2-12

Cat Safe:  Yes


Foster Colt Malibu 1


  1. Stacie Bollon on

    What a beautiful girl. If we didn’t already have 4 beagles and a greyhound I would gladly adopt her. Love her sweet eyes.

  2. pat middleton on

    Oh Beautiful Malibu. You deserve a great home. It will come soon.

  3. pat middleton on

    I don’t know how anyone could resist that face!

  4. Derek Kern on

    She is so so sweet I would love to Have her so much Maibu I hope you find your forever home mabye if were both lucky you will be my forever friend Good luck malibu

  5. Andrea Von Raabe on

    I would like to adopt a female greyhound. I would love to meet Colt Malibu. Is that possible?

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