Nevermind Blair

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Nevermind Blair

Call Name:     Blair

Sex:               Female

Color:           White/Red

DOB:             6-10-11

Cat Safe:      yes


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  1. Sharon & Tim on

    Blair is turning into such a sweet dog. She loves to cuddle with us. She’s always excited to see us when we get home from work. She does really well with other dogs and loves kids. She’s really looking forward to finding her forever family. She’s a diva that likes to have her pawdicure! <3

  2. pat middleton on

    I really can’t believe that someone has not snatched this rare beauty up. IF someone at my house said ok she could come live with me but I guess 5 is enough.
    She is a sweetheart though

  3. I met Blair today at petsmart along with my 4 yr old daughter and 10 yr old dog. She was sweet and gentle and engaging with both of them. She gave me kisses all over my face and spent a long time standing between my legs watching the world go by. I’d it wasn’t for the hub saying no more dogs right now, she would be laying on the couch with me as I type this!

  4. Constance Winther on

    Is Nevermind Blair available?

    Other females…good with kids and another dog. Preferably young. Likes toys?

    We are back from vacation and ready to adopt.

    Constance and Bob Winther

  5. Constance Winther on

    Our “community” dog is our daughter’s female beagle who stays with us on school days.

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