Greyt Constituation Parade 2014

Back in September when the temperatures were a bit warmer the greyhounds were in the Louisville Constitution Parade.  However, before the parade began was more enjoyable for the hounds because they got to sit/lay around relished people making a fuss over them!

Louisville Contitution Parade  Cooper Jed Krak Ringo Pearl Tony

All the gang catching up on each others news while waiting for the parade to begin.



LC Parade Art Harvey Raspberry

Art with his greyhound family, Harvey and Raspberry.


LC Parade Jed Ringo Cooper

Jed, Ringo and Cooper waiting waiting waiting…


Parade Wendy Cooper Jed Krak Ringo Pearl Tony

Wendy surrounded by Cooper, Jed, Krak, Ringo, Pearl and Tony.


LC Parade Jed passing time with 2 girls

Jed found some ladies to pass the time with until the parade begins.



LC Parade King Krak with his buds

King Krakow is now ready to greet his people, let the parade begin.


LC Parade car float

The Greyhound Mobile


LC Parade Jean Jed Sissy gettin a ride

Jean may look lonely but she is getting lots of snuggles during her ride.


LC Parade Scott & Molly in corvette

Molly got to ride with her dad, Scott, in the corvette.  Such a lucky lady.

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