Fun at the Constitution Parade 2015

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Louisville Constitution Parade this past Sunday.  OGGA  had a greyt time seeing all of you!  And the greyhounds enjoyed all the attention they got from parade goers.  


2015 Louisville Constit Parade

2015 Constitution Parade 2

Thanks to OGGA member Art Frank the hounds got to ride in comfort and style for the parade.

2015 Constitution Parade

OGGA Gathering Queen Brandi and King Krakow enjoyed meeting many of their subjects while attending the parade.

Also thanks to OGGA members, Tom & Chris Ayers,  April & Doug Croskey and family from Orrville,  Connie, Rose, Jeannie, Kassy.

A special thanks to Art for taking the day off work so he could “tow” all of us in the parade.


2015 Constitution Parade


       2015 Constitution Parade


2015 Constitution Parade

Where is my throne??!!

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