Acme Community Cash Program 2015-16

Acme Cooper Cash back has begun 2015











 Don’t forget to get your Acme receipts to Wendy this week.  Wednesday is the last day for this years Cash Back program.

Thursday, August 20, 2015 through Wednesday January 6, 2016

For every $1500.00 worth of Acme receipts submitted, OGGA will receive 5 percent donated to continue our mission to place retired-racing greyhounds in their forever-homes.

Mail the receipts to:
OGGA Treasurer, 3116 Pinevale, Louisville, OH 44641-9111.



  1. do any other grocery stores offer this? I would like to be able to Acmes anywhere near Wooster area.

  2. OGGA/Val on

    Hi Joyce,
    OGGA is only registered with the Acme stores program at this time.

  3. Thanks Chris, got your envelope with receipts today

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