PetSmart Meet & Greet

Petsmart Meet and Greet 2014

Next Scheduled Meet & Greet


        Sunday, June 17, 2018


        Noon to 3:00 p.m.


       Petsmart #523 at  Belden Village


Little Girl with Grey1

Remaining 2018 Dates for this event:

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October 21st PetSmart 12-3

November 10th PetSmart Adoption 11-4
November 11th PetSmart Adoption 11-4
November 18th PetSmart 12-3

December 2nd PetSmart 12-3
December 16th PetSmart 12-3



  1. Ken and Patrice on

    We are very interested in adopting Amber. We have been recovering Greyhounds for 15 years. We’ve always had 2 and we lost one last week to Lymphoma.Our male we have is lonely. We are looking for a young female and Amber looks to be the perfect fit for our family.Please get back to us ASAP Thanks!

  2. Ken and Patrice on

    Sorry I forgot to add we live in North Royalton just about 40 min away.

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