Oh for the Love of God, quit complaining. The sooner they take the picture, the sooner we'll be out of these stupid crowns"!

New this reunion, the crowning of King & Queen of the Greyhound Gathering.  People will be able to “purchase” a ballot for their greyhound choice for $1 a ballot. All proceeds go to OGGA.  Folks can purchase as many ballots as they want, and the winner will be drawn at random.

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Flying Krakow


Flying Krakow

Sex:  Male
Color:  Red
DOB:   10-19-07
Cat Safe
Flying Krakow
9/2/2010 Update:  Krakow was diagnosed today with Immune-Mediated  Polyarthritis.
Currently Krakow is on daily doses of prednisone to help with the inflammation and also pain medication.  Depending on how Krakow responds to treatment the hope is to taper down the prednisone dosage.


Name: IMA Work of Art

IMA Work of Art

Sex: Female

Color: Red

Date of Birth: 12-21-06

Pedigree Information

This beautiful red fawn girl will have her veterinary exam, vaccinations, and be spayed within the next week.  She will then be ready to enjoy retirement with a loving family for the rest of her days.

Foster Update:

During the Football Hall of Fame game  they have the blimp flying over the stadium. As they circle , comes right over our house, pretty low. IMA saw that BIG THING in the sky and went crazy. Barking, jumping, standing on her hind legs. She must have thought it was a BIG stuffed toy. It was too cute.

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