Name: D Dan Lori

Sex: Female

D Dan Lori

Color: Brindle

Date of Birth: 8-10-08

Pedigree Information

Dora had broken her back leg (hock) racing, the cast was just removed on June 23rd.  This is a common injury among racing greyhounds and heals without complications most of the time.

Dora will be checked by OGGA’s veterinary this week along with getting her vaccinations, spayed and blood work done.  After the vet has released her from further treatment she will be up for adoption.  Please consider adopting this beautiful female into your family

Foster Update:

Dora will be having her spay and leg checked next week.  After the vet’s okay she will be ready for her “forever home”.

If you're going to photograph me, always from the left, NEVER straight at me!"

" That's Better Darling! I always photograph better from this side! Now, go away"!!!


Oshkosh Romeo


Oshkosh Romeo

Sex:  Male

Color:  Red

DOB:  1-28-07

Cat safe

Pedigree Information
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Drama searching for relief of summer heat

Heat will kill your dog. If it’s been hot,  please use common sense and good judgment when you take your dog out in the heat. Greyhounds, because of their lack of fat and hair, don’t have the insulation other dogs have to the heat. They need to be in a controlled temperature environment of 68 – 72 degrees.

Always have WATER in the car, and with you on walks.
ICE – Take a thermos full of ice with you
Squirt Bottle – Bring a squirt bottle filled with cold, ice water with you to help keep their body heat down.

POOLS – greyhounds love to sit in wading pools to keep cool.  So keep one handy for when the temperatures get higher to help keep your hound(s) cool.

Informative article on greyhounds and heat

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