Dairyland Racetrack in Kenosha Wisconsin will no longer have live greyhound racing after December 31, 2009.  This means that hundreds of ex-racing greyhounds will be in need of fostering until rescue organizations such as OGGA can find them forever homes.

How can you help? If you’ve been thinking about adopting a retired racing greyhound, but just haven’t moved forward – now is the time to take action and bring one of these special dogs home. If you know anyone who might be able to adopt a dog, help us spread the word about what great pets greyhounds are.

If you’d like to help, have a donation, or have questions about adoption, please leave a comment after the this post or contact valerie@myogga.org.

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Ohio Greyhound Gathering & Adoption is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, we would not exist without the many hours our volunteers contribute.
People are encouraged  to give their time to a  cause that is  about rescuing these beautiful greyhounds from the track,  getting them adjusted to living in a home, caring for them when they get medical treatment and showing them the love they have long deserved.

If you have never had a pet but have wanted to learn about these sleek graceful animals  consider giving some of your time to help us with our educational and fund raising events:

  • Meet and Greets
  • Mutt Struts
  • Greyhound Gathering
  • Mutt Stretch


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A dogs hearing is 10 times more sensitive than a humans so the sound of fireworks during this time of the year can cause even the calmest pet to take off running.

If you’re thinking of taking your dog outside to watch the fireworks with you…
Think again! You and your dog will have a much more enjoyable evening if you leave the dog at home.

Plus, wherever there are fireworks displays, there are usually people setting off their own personal fireworks — including sparklers and firecrackers. Aside from the danger associated with your dog being in the wrong place at the wrong time (dogs & fire simply don’t mix), the mass hysteria, loud noises and repeated flashes of light are likely to have a traumatic effect on your dog.

Whatever you do… don’t leave your dog in the car!

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