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"Have a GREYT 4th of July from all of the OGGA greyhounds."


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Thank you Larry & Pat,

That was so nice of you to go get the dogs.
It was a busy weekend for everyone.  Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help today to free up Wendy and Rose for the service.
It was beautiful.

Carol Scarpino

We lost a wonderful person in Carol.

She did so much and never tooted her own horn about the things that she accomplished.

She was a true Christian lady and will leave a big hole in the lives of everyone that knew her.


Carol at Dewey Beach with Daddy, Chevy and Cesar

Carol & Connie walking their greyhounds down Dewey Beach

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Carol in Dewey Beach with Daddy, Chevy and Cesar

On the afternoon of December 12, 2010 a special lady lost her battle with colon cancer, Carol Scarpino.     Her profession was nursing, she worked as a surgical nurse at Altman Hospital in Canton, Ohio.  She had many passions, one being rescuing retired-racing greyhounds.  Carol was a long standing member of OGGA, this past year serving as a board member.

At Carol’s request, there will be no calling hours.  A memorial celebration of life service will be held at Church of the Lakes United Methodist on Sunday, December 19th at 2 PM, followed by a gathering of friends and family in the church activity center to share their stories of Carol.

In lieu of flowers, Carol has requested donations be made to OGG (Ohio Greyhound Gathering) and sent c/o Wendy Eaton, 3116 Pinevale, Louisville OH 44641.

CLICK HERE to read Carol Scarpino’s Obituary

From Valerie:   I met Carol through OGGA about 5 years ago.  She was a special lady that could put the energizer bunny to shame the way she could go and go and….      Carol  knew no matter how long she lived there would never be enough time to accomplish all that she wanted to.    So she filled every day with family, friends, work, church, greyhounds, traveling the world along with anything else that needed her attention.  Even during her illness and chemotherapy she kept up her busy schedule.  When I would see her at an event I would never know she was ill or even tired.

Carol is someone that you could write a book about with all that she managed to do while here on earth.   I have asked some of her OGGA  friends to share their memories of her.  From them I hope that people will realize that life is short so remember what is important to you and always find time to have a margarita and a laugh with your “sisters”.

From Connie:

Carol’s life and the way that she faced her death, is certainly a lesson that I hope to remember for the rest of MY life.  I remember hertelling me this spring at Rose’s house when she found out that hercancer markers were up again, that she was in a win/win situation.

If the chemo worked and she went into remission, she was here to enjoy more life.  If it didn’t work, she knew where she was going to spend eternity.  I don’t think I have ever known anyone who could get so many things done with so much precision and never seem stressed with all that she was going thru with treatments.

The world was truly a better place because of Carol and my life was truly enriched by being her “sister”.

From Sharon:

I’m in tears right now. I’ve been dreading checking my e-mail all day because I knew this one would eventually be coming. I’m going to miss Carol’s bubbly personality. I remember years ago she and I used to be in the same aerobics class at the CYC. I’m thankful for the time I got to spend with her. I’m so glad she got to go to Dewey this year and enjoy herself. I’m sure she knew it may be her last time. I’m glad to know that she will be the one up in heaven taking care of my Tally and all our other greys that have since gone. She is finally at peace and out of pain. God bless her.

From Tim:

John and I will miss Carol terribly, but at least her pain and endless struggle is over.  She was a class act all the way and the world is a little dimmer tonight knowing that her light has gone out!


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