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Pet Certificates

Register Your Greyhound Pet

You can officially register your Greyhound pet with the official North American Greyhound registry, the National Greyhound Association.

For only $30 you’ll receive a beautiful, suitable-for-framing registration certificate that carries all pertinent information on your Greyhound pet: official NGA name, pet name (optional), color, sex, whelping date, two-generation pedigree, and complete Bertillon (markings).

To further assist in the effort to find good homes for Greyhounds, a portion of your fee ($10) will be sent by the NGA to the Greyhound pet agency of your choice, in this case OGGA, when you register your Greyhound as a pet. In this way, you can assist in finding a home for other retired Greyhounds. Requirements for an NGA pet registration are as follows:

1) Greyhound’s original Registration Certificate (yellow)

2) Blue pet-transfer application, signed by record owner

3) $30 Fee

The requirement of having to submit the original Registration Certificate is being waived. However, the blue Pet Transfer must be signed by the Record Owner. After the Record Owner has signed the blue Pet Transfer, mail it, along with the $30 fee, to the National Greyhound Association at the below address.

Send your applications for Greyhound pet registration to:

National Greyhound Association
P.O. Box 543
Abilene, Ks. 67410

To receive information and Pet Transfer from NGA, send:
*Racing name of the Greyhound, if you know it
*Pet name of the Greyhound
*Right ear tattoo (example 26A)
*Left ear tattoo (example 34321)
If you are having trouble reading the ear tattoos try cleaning, shaving and shining a flashlight through the ear.
Also included your name, address, city, state and zip code.
Send to

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Preparing to take blood samples of Wheeling greyhounds after a race are from left, Dawn Hudson, Kelly Kontur and Dr. C. Guillermo Couto of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Greyhound Health and Wellness Program. (Photos by Stan Pawloski, Times Leader Wire Editor)


Last year the Wheeling Island Racetrack and The Ohio State University  formed a joint venture targeting the wellness of greyhounds.

With support of the West Virginia Racing Commission and Wheeling Island, the investigative study was conducted in July (2011) at Wheeling by Dr. Couto, Dr. Bohenko and a group of veterinarians and students from Ohio State University.


Dr. Bohenko said the study had three goals –
provide health screens for 120 greyhounds,
test for tick borne and heart worm diseases and
the effects of exercise (racing) on blood work.

“Through this joint effort, we are trying to learn more about these greyhounds and what makes them tick,” Dr. Bohenko said. “This is the first time a study of this magnitude using actively racing dogs has ever been conducted. Mostly retired greyhounds have been used in the past.”

The greyhounds in the study had blood drawn on three occasions – the day before they were scheduled to race, immediately after their race and one to two hours after the completion of their race.

In addition to tests for heart worm and tick borne diseases, Dr. Couto and his staff did complete blood counts (CBCs), serum chemistry profiles (liver, kidney function, etc.) and blood gas analysis (BGs). The heart worm and tick borne disease tests all were negative.

“It’s a good reflection on the care these greyhounds receive,” Dr. Bohenko said. “It also points out to people who want to adopt them that there are no problems.”

The above article is an excerpt from The National Greyhound Association’s websiteIf you are interested in reading Stan Pawloski’s entire article on the Greyhound Program Click Here.

The Ohio State Greyhound Development Fund is constantly looking for additional sources of funding for this project.  If you wish to make a donation, please visit Greyhound Health and Wellness Fund

Or send a check to The Greyhound Health and Wellness Program, 6012 Vernon L. Tharp St., Columbus, OH 43210.



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