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People often say that greyhounds are mentioned in the Bible but inasmuch as the Greyhound is a Celtic breed, and did not originate in the middle east.

That old misunderstanding and liberal translation has been debunked by modern DNA testing and genomic research.

The Greyhound is unrelated to the sighthounds of North Africa–like the Saluki and the Afghan, which are older breeds and are more than likely what the Bible referred to.

If interested in reading more on this subject click on this link to be directed to an article by Martin Roper,
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Registration is now open for the International Sighthound Health & Wellness Conference!

Seating will be limited this year, so register early to make sure you have a seat at the only conference dedicated to improving the lives of Sighthounds by educating owners and caregivers.
The International Sighthound Health & Wellness Conference in McMurray, PA, brings together a unique group of veterinary professionals and specialists in the Sighthound community. Internationally trained guest speakers will share their wide-ranging knowledge with our attendees. You cannot see this group of speakers together anywhere else!
Presented by the Greyhound Health Initiative in partnership with University Veterinary Specialists, the conference will provide valuable medical information for Sighthound owners, veterinarians and technicians involved in the care of Sighthounds.
Note: Because CE credits will be available for Veterinarians and Technicians the conference will be presented at the level of the general veterinary practitioner. There will be a Q&A session at the end. Share this with your vet if you want them to become more “sighthound-savvy”!
 Tina Kelly
Director, Events and Marketing
The Greyhound Health Initiative
P.O. Box 396 Avon, OH 44011
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Foster Stud Muffin FOUND


4/18/2016 UPDATE:

Stud Muffin is still loose but is staying in a specific area, a trap is set but so far he is too nervous to go in. Stud is safe and getting food and water, it is just a matter of being patient until he feels secure enough to enter the trap.

We no longer need people searching as they may spook him away from the area. Thank you to everyone that has helped search and shared information via FB to find Stud Muffin. All your help has helped us locate him.
Will let you know when we have him.


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Foster Frisky 1


Luna AKA Frisky has been found as of about 40 minutes ago! She is on her way to get checked out at the vet. She was in the woods near spring valley lake tangled in some bramble. A neighbor found her. Thank you for all your help and networking! We are glad she is home safe!

She got loose from her home on  Dunkeith Dr NW.

The  Hills & Dale area of Canton, Ohio.

Click here for map of area.

Contact TJ & Hailey 330-705-5866


3/7 Update from searchers:

No sighting of Frisky or Luna during Friday’s search.  Continue to keep an eye out for her this weekend.  Need to get her back home!


3/6 Update from Frisky/ Luna’s family:
She was last seen running full speed up from Crosshaven on Dunkeith Drive, headed toward 17th street around 4pm yesterday 3/5. We have had multiple searches with multiple groups of people since yesterday, spanning from the neighborhood of Hills and Dales, Shrine Village, Lake View near Meyers Lake, all the way to across 12th street down toward Sippo Lake and Spring Valley Lake. We have posted a few flyers and have spoken to everyone we have run into, none of whom have seen her, but all were willing to keep an eye out for her.


Please print the below flyer to put in the window of your front door and your car windows so that more people will see it.

Frisky Frolics 3 2014 copy

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Greyhound Pumpkin

Have you carved your Halloween pumpkin yet? 

If not, here’s a greyt stencil for you to use.


Greyhound pumpkin template

Directions for pumpkin greyhound


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Preparing to take blood samples of Wheeling greyhounds after a race are from left, Dawn Hudson, Kelly Kontur and Dr. C. Guillermo Couto of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Greyhound Health and Wellness Program. (Photos by Stan Pawloski, Times Leader Wire Editor)


Last year the Wheeling Island Racetrack and The Ohio State University  formed a joint venture targeting the wellness of greyhounds.

With support of the West Virginia Racing Commission and Wheeling Island, the investigative study was conducted in July (2011) at Wheeling by Dr. Couto, Dr. Bohenko and a group of veterinarians and students from Ohio State University.


Dr. Bohenko said the study had three goals –
provide health screens for 120 greyhounds,
test for tick borne and heart worm diseases and
the effects of exercise (racing) on blood work.

“Through this joint effort, we are trying to learn more about these greyhounds and what makes them tick,” Dr. Bohenko said. “This is the first time a study of this magnitude using actively racing dogs has ever been conducted. Mostly retired greyhounds have been used in the past.”

The greyhounds in the study had blood drawn on three occasions – the day before they were scheduled to race, immediately after their race and one to two hours after the completion of their race.

In addition to tests for heart worm and tick borne diseases, Dr. Couto and his staff did complete blood counts (CBCs), serum chemistry profiles (liver, kidney function, etc.) and blood gas analysis (BGs). The heart worm and tick borne disease tests all were negative.

“It’s a good reflection on the care these greyhounds receive,” Dr. Bohenko said. “It also points out to people who want to adopt them that there are no problems.”

The above article is an excerpt from The National Greyhound Association’s websiteIf you are interested in reading Stan Pawloski’s entire article on the Greyhound Program Click Here.

The Ohio State Greyhound Development Fund is constantly looking for additional sources of funding for this project.  If you wish to make a donation, please visit Greyhound Health and Wellness Fund

Or send a check to The Greyhound Health and Wellness Program, 6012 Vernon L. Tharp St., Columbus, OH 43210.



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