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Flying Krakow was diagnosed with Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis this month.   The high doses of prednisone prescribed have been unable to keep his leg inflammation under control.  The pain medication is also not able to keep him comfortable and he has begun to lose quite a bit of weight.  OGGA member, Wendy, has scheduled an appointment with Ohio State University’s Veterinary School greyhound specialist, Dr. C. Guillermo Couto for Monday, September 20, 2010 to evaluate Krakow.

OGGA is reaching out to the public to help support the cost of Krakow’s medical treatment.  Please consider making a donation on our donation page through Paypal.  Or mail your check to OGGA Treasurer, 3116 Pinevale, Louisville, OH 44641.  All donations of any amount are gratefully appreciated.

We will continue to keep you updated on Krakow’s progress.

Wendy’s Post OSU visit Update on Krakow:

Just got back from OSU, we got some good news.
Unbeknownst to us Krakow was diagnosed at OSU exactly a year ago with Immune-mediated polyarthropathy. The trainer took Krakow to OSU because he had rear leg swelling and a fever. Once treated they put Krakow back on the race track. When Dr. Couto saw him he said I know I have seen this dog before. He really liked him. Krakow’s muscle and weight loss is likely due to the prednisone he is receiving to control the polyarthritis; he has what is called prednisone associated myopathy which is commonly seen in Greyhounds receiving corticosteroids. It is likely with tapering of his dosage, that the muscle atrophy and weight loss will cease and Krakow will return to normal. Our goal is to get him on one tablet every other day. He said he will be on prednisone the rest of his life and it is recommended that he have routinely have a chemistry profile to monitor his liver enzymes.
Should his symptoms begin while tapering his dose or should his weight loss and muscle atropy continue to decline they will need to see him again.
Thanks for your prayers, I will keep you posted


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People are encouraged  to give their time to a  cause that is  about rescuing these beautiful greyhounds from the track,  getting them adjusted to living in a home, caring for them when they get medical treatment and showing them the love they have long deserved.

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