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Lucho is having difficulty walking with us and the other dogs…..this is my solution!



Here is Lucho’s story:

He is a galgo from Spain who had been stray for a long while.  His right rear leg was injured badly and, after he was finally captured, it was determined that it had to be amputated.  He wasn’t doing well at the rescue facility but his luck changed when Forever Home Greyhounds, from New York, decided to bring him back to the U.S.  I had agreed to adopt him, sight unseen, as I already had one galgo that I brought back from Scooby Medina the year before.

Lucho had a bout with leptospirosis and was recovering well, then took a downturn.  He was diagnosed with leishmaniasis, a protozoal infection transmitted primarily by sand flies.  We don’t see it often here but it is very common in Spain.  The disease can’t be cured but it can be managed.  He is being treated by Dr. Couto at Ohio State Vet School.  Leishmaniasis is a wasting disease so the muscle in Lucho’s remaining rear leg isn’t very strong.  To make matters worse, his back is arched and his pelvis twisted from whatever happened to him in Spain.   He goes up and down several steps to go out into the fenced backyard and he can get on the sofa but he is unable to go for a walk with the other three dogs.  Since he’s VERY vocal if we leave him home alone and walk the others, I decided that I must find a way to take him along…..and here he is in all his glory!

Chris Mosey
Lucho’s mom