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Keep an eye out for this 14 year old Italian Greyhound that got away from the family in the Washington Square Villas 4:30p.m. on Monday.

there have been several sightings near by, but no results.


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According to her owner, Mike, she is tired, muddy and smelly but in good shape.
Thanks go out to everyone who helped in getting the message out to the public, in helping search and all your prayers. 


Color: Black
Sex:  Female
DOB: June 7, 2003

Wearing a  Martindale collar, black with flowers.
Friendly, likes people.  May come to you but do not chase.

Hottie and Chester got out tonight, 6/17, because of a open gate. Chester came home
but Hottie is still missing.

General location would also be Beech St, and Union Ave.
Mountview Ave.    Alliance

Click Here for area map where Hottie went missing.

Contact Lisa and Michael Paulin: (330) 821-6684 or (330) 614-3354
or Ohio Greyhound Gathering & Adoption from Louisville, OH. (330) 875-4702

Sytlin Hottie 6 2015



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Skinny after his time on the run but otherwise fine.

Skinny after his time on the run but otherwise fine.



Bentley Lost Greyhound 2014




Hi Everyone,

We had all hoped that this wouldn’t be necessary and that Bentley would be home, by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. This poor baby must be terrified. In response to the suggestion that someone may have him, by now, his owner (who knows him) and I (who’s been involved in dozens of searches for greyhounds) doubt that Bentley would allow a stranger to catch him. He’s a timid boy and, if he follows the normal greyhound pattern, being lost has been traumatizing, making it even more likely that he’s hiding out in a place that’s become familiar to him.

We once had a lost greyhound (Pete Moss) who was hiding under a pine tree in a hole he’d dug in the snow. The police had directed me to the farm where he’d been spotted. I walked back and forth, at least a half a dozen times, passing within a few feet of where he was hiding. When I finally saw his head sticking out of the hole in the snow, I got down and crawled under the tree. It wasn’t until I was only inches away and he realized it was a friend who’d found him that he dared to come out. He then went berserk, jumping and wagging, ran to the car and begged to get in. My point is that Bentley could well be in an area not far from home and has just not been spotted. He is likely terrified at being alone and that, with the rain, thunder and lightning, this week, makes it even more urgent to get a big group out, tomorrow. Thinking about poor Bentley is heartbreaking.

Tomorrow morning, Bentley’s dad, Paul, will be meeting anyone who can help, about 10AM, at the CVS drug store, on the corner of Frost Rd, and Rt. 43, in Streetsboro. We’re SO hoping we can get a big group to help get Bentley back home. If you can spare any amount of time, PLEASE help! Paul will have coffee and doughnuts to wake you up! He’ll also have map grids printed out to coordinate the search as efficiently as possible.

I’m going to stencil some yard signs, tonight, to add to those Kelly Connelly and I put out on Wednesday. Writing each sign by hand is terribly time-consuming and the writing is not as clear as big stenciled letters will be, for cars driving by. Because we have 20 dogs arriving from Florida, between 8 & 9AM, tomorrow, I won’t be able to go to the meeting place. If you are going in the morning and can stop by the kennel to pick up the signs, please let me know.

Also, if you can help with faxing flyers, either from home, if you have a fax machine, or from the kennel, if you don’t, we want to expand the area in which we’re notifying the police departments, veterinarians, public facilities, etc. While greyhounds are often found close to home, it’s also possible that Bentley has done some traveling and, with so many small towns in such close proximity, we want to be sure we don’t leave out a place where someone may see him but not realize he’s a lost dog. When Pete Moss was missing, we initially searched Bainbridge, where he lived, and only those areas of the other towns that bordered Bainbridge. However, we found Pete because we had faxed flyers to all the police departments in an expanded area and it turned out to be the key that brought him home. A patrolman in a nearby town spotted him and, because she had seen the flyer, called us immediately and took us to where she had seen him.

Finally, I want to say that I’m in awe of the way Paul is working to get this little boy back home. In 20 years, I’ve never known anyone to work harder or longer to locate a missing greyhound. Please, let’s pull out all the stops and get Bentley back home.



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Foster Frisky 1


Luna AKA Frisky has been found as of about 40 minutes ago! She is on her way to get checked out at the vet. She was in the woods near spring valley lake tangled in some bramble. A neighbor found her. Thank you for all your help and networking! We are glad she is home safe!

She got loose from her home on  Dunkeith Dr NW.

The  Hills & Dale area of Canton, Ohio.

Click here for map of area.

Contact TJ & Hailey 330-705-5866


3/7 Update from searchers:

No sighting of Frisky or Luna during Friday’s search.  Continue to keep an eye out for her this weekend.  Need to get her back home!


3/6 Update from Frisky/ Luna’s family:
She was last seen running full speed up from Crosshaven on Dunkeith Drive, headed toward 17th street around 4pm yesterday 3/5. We have had multiple searches with multiple groups of people since yesterday, spanning from the neighborhood of Hills and Dales, Shrine Village, Lake View near Meyers Lake, all the way to across 12th street down toward Sippo Lake and Spring Valley Lake. We have posted a few flyers and have spoken to everyone we have run into, none of whom have seen her, but all were willing to keep an eye out for her.


Please print the below flyer to put in the window of your front door and your car windows so that more people will see it.

Frisky Frolics 3 2014 copy

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Eastside Erica

Eastside Erica

Eastside Erica, female Black greyhound with white face, 9 years old, went missing from her home in the Beechwood/Bayton Street area, she got out Sunday, 5/6, around 3:00.




5/9/2013 Update From Karen Miller:  

Karen Miller called and said a lady almost had Erica lured into her car yesterday on Cenfield toward Union St and she changed her mind and took off again. She said she looked good and healthy. She put leash, collar and dog treats in her car in case she sees her again.

5/10 Update from Pat M:

No sightings yet today.   I went to the nature center and they knew about her but no sightings. I went to Dehoff’s and they had a poster up. I stopped the UPS guy and he took my card and said he would be on the watch for her. I stopped at the Washington fire station and talked to the road crew. They said they will look as they work.


Please help us locate her!!! 

We need to get this girl home.



Ruby went missing from Allentown, Pennsylvania on 11-13-12.

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She was last seen in Lower Saucon Township in the area near Stabler Arena.

She is all white with a scar on her face and a cropped tail. Approx. 50lbs. REWARD. 484-788-8580

Join the Facebook page “Ruby the Lost Greyhound” for updates.

Ruby’s Facebook page


Ruby the lost greyhound

ruby rewardruby fly by

Sightings of Ruby as of January , 2013

Sightings of Ruby as of January , 2013

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