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Adopted Money Maker

Money enjoying hugs from Elli.

Money Maker found his forever family immediately upon leaving the track.

Message from Money’s new dad, Scott:

Going really great!   Money is so calm and relaxed.   He laid down with Molly and its like he has always been here! Jessica and Elli love him.   So far he is perfect!

Adopted  Money Maker with
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Hera aka CTW My Own Money

An update from the family that adopted CTW My Own Money —

“I just wanted to give you an update on Hera:

She is doing great! She is really coming out of her shell. She is running around the backyard chasing Zeus a couple times per day. She is eating all her food and playing with the stuffed animals we have around the house. I have attached a picture I took Friday night. She went right over and curled up beside Zeus.

She is the perfect addition to our family”.

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Eastside Erica

Eastside Erica

Eastside Erica, female Black greyhound with white face, 9 years old, went missing from her home in the Beechwood/Bayton Street area, she got out Sunday, 5/6, around 3:00.




5/9/2013 Update From Karen Miller:  

Karen Miller called and said a lady almost had Erica lured into her car yesterday on Cenfield toward Union St and she changed her mind and took off again. She said she looked good and healthy. She put leash, collar and dog treats in her car in case she sees her again.

5/10 Update from Pat M:

No sightings yet today.   I went to the nature center and they knew about her but no sightings. I went to Dehoff’s and they had a poster up. I stopped the UPS guy and he took my card and said he would be on the watch for her. I stopped at the Washington fire station and talked to the road crew. They said they will look as they work.


Please help us locate her!!! 

We need to get this girl home.













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Eastside Erica enjoying ‘her own’ backyard, ‘her own’ new fence and ‘her own’ forever-family.

Life is Greyt!


Chase (Bullseye Billy) 7/27/2008


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New girl, Didi, lying around with foster sister Mojo



Awwww, love is in the air.




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RJ'S Addie


Racing Name:  RJ’S Addie
Call Name:  Addie
Sex:  Female
Color: Black
DOB: 5-19-09
Cat Safe:  No
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In celebration of  October’s National Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet and Adopt-A-Dog Month  the OGGA greyhounds will stop by the Stark County Library for a visit.  Nancy Ruble will speak about greyhounds as pets and pass out activity books for the kids.

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
10:15 a.m.
Stark County Library–Click here for Mapquest

Place:  McKinley Room/ Children’s Department

If your family has been interested in learning about greyhounds and how they interact with children this is a GREYT program for the kids to meet a greyhound up close.  We will be happy to answer questions you have concerning the adoption of a retired-racing greyhound into your family.

Stark County Library\’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Program

For more information contact Nancy Ruble:

or the Stark County Library, Main Branch.

Click here for The Stark County Library Website

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Thank You to ALL Greyhound Adoptive & Foster Parents…without you greyhounds would still be running for their life instead of….



Everlasting Love

You’ll never be denied everlasting love…
From the very start, open up your heart
Be a lasting part of everlasting love.

Where life’s river flow, no one really knows
Till someone’s there to show the way to lasting love
Like the sun that shines, endlessly it shines…

You always will be mine, it’s eternal love.
When other loves are gone, ours will still be strong
We have our very own everlasting love.





Written by:
B. Cason/M. Gayden




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