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Some of the greyt items to be auctioned off at the 11th Annual Greyhound Gathering—-

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Click on the “Gathering page for more information on this Greyt Event!!!

Caroline Behne print

Greyhound Silhouette & Collar from Sue's Happy Tails

"Wave Runners" print by Linda K. Evans

Basket of Items for the Garden




Comet, sister Peanut with foster boy Kiowa NYPD relaxin' on the deck over looking the beach.


view from the "homies" deck…


"We gotta do something about those noisy geese, they are interruptin' my restful retirement."











"Yea, the geese gotta go. You take the lead Comet & I will back you up."




Dolly heading out to do her first OGGA event—maybe find her forever family too!


Krakow (R) letting Dolly know kids have some of the best things to play with.


Molly (L) seems to be telling Krakow to stop eating the girl's Play Dough!


Krakow taking the phrase "lean on me" too literally with Sky.


Molly showing some fatigue at her first OGGA event–it's good Dolly is there to help out

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An absolutely wonderful video on my favorite subject–GREYHOUNDS!!!

Click Here to view Greyhound 101

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Donations Accepted throughout the entire month of March!!!


St. Pet’s Day is a pet food donation drive sponsored by the Celtic Club to benefit humane/animal rescue groups in Summit, Stark & Portage counties.

Dry Dog Food
Dry Cat Food & Cat Litter

at their local Fire Stations; however, some communities have alternate donation sites. Due to the emergency nature of the Fire Departments, someone may not always be available to receive your donation. If someone is not there please try again another time.


Chance, Georgia, Jazz( that we adopted through OGGA in November) and Savannah.

Mark & Juanita Chapman, their dogs Chance, Georgia, Jazz(adopted through OGGA in November) and Savannah with Plain Twp Firemen.

Below is a list of Fire Stations to drop off the dry pet food and kitty litter to:

Akron residents can donate dry dog/cat food and cat litter at these locations Monday through Saturday March 1-31 from 8am-5pm.

Akron Fire Dept.
Station # Address
#02 952 E. Exchange St. 44306
#03 59 S. Maple St. 44303
#04 25 E. Thornton St. 44311
#05 2460 E. Market St. 44312
#06 1685 S. Hawkins St. 44320
#07 541 E. Tallmadge Ave. 44310
#08 1277 E. Archwood Ave. 44306
#09 98 Dodge Ave. 44302
#10 2225 Fourth St. S.W. 44314
#11 1688 Akron-Peninsula Rd. 44313
#12 1852 W. Market St. 44313
#13 1544 Brown St. 44301
#14 766 Brittain Rd. 44305

Residents of other Summit County communities can donate dry dog/cat food and cat litter at these locations weekdays March 1-31 from 8am-4pm.

Barberton Fire Dept. 580 Wooster Rd. W. 330-848-6732
Bath Fire Dept. 3864 W. Bath Rd. 330-666-3738
Clinton Fire Dept. 7717 S. Cleve-Massillon Rd. 330-882-4828
Copley Fire Dept. 1540 S. Cleve-Massillon Rd. 330-666-6464
Coventry Fire Dept. 68 Portage Lakes Dr. 330-644-3228
Cuy. Falls Fire Dept. 1924 Front St. 330-971-8400
Fairlawn Fire Dept. 3525 S. Smith Rd. 330-668-9540
Green Fire Dept. 4200 Massillon Rd. 330-896-6610
Hudson Fire dept. 40 S. Oviatt 330-342-1860
Lakemore Fire Dept. 1400 Main St. 330-733-6125
Macedonia Fire Dept. 9691 Valley View 330-468-8339
Munroe Falls Fire Dept. 43 Munroe Falls Ave. 330-688-7493
New Franklin Fire Dept. 5605 Manchester Rd. 330-882-3111
Northfield Ctr. Fire Dept. 60 W. Aurora Rd. 330-467-7410
Norton Fire Dept. 3380 Greenwich Rd. 330-745-8127
Reminderville Fire Dept. 3382 Glenwood Dr. 330-562-1234
Richfield Fire Dept. 4450 W. Streetsboro Rd. 330-659-9400
Springfield Twp. Town Hall 2459 Canfield Rd. 330-784-7210
Stow Fire Dept. 3800 Darrow Rd. 330-689-3280
Tallmadge Fire Dept. 85 W. Overdale 330-633-0970
Twinsburg Fire Dept. 10069 Ravenna Rd. 330-963-6256
Valley Fire Dept. 5287 Dogwood Lane 330-657-2292


Canton residents can donate dry dog/cat food and cat litter at these locations Monday through Saturday March 1-31 from 8am-5pm.

Canton Fire Dept.
Station # Address
#01 110 &th St. S.W. 44702
#02 415 Belden Ave. S.E. 44707
#04 2502 Cleveland Ave N.W. 44709
#05 3701 W. Tusc. St. 44708
#06 2621 Harmont Ave. N.E. 44705
#07 1001 The O’Jays Pkwy. 447705
#08 1330 Dueber Ave. S.W. 44706
#09 102 19th St. N.E. 44714
#10 4632 Vernon Ave. N.W. 44709

Residents of other Stark County communities can donate dry dog/cat food and cat litter at these locations weekdays March 1-31 from 8am-4pm.

Canal Fulton and Lawrence Twp. Fire Departments alternate coverage weekly.
Canal Fulton will receive donations March 1-4; 12-18 and 26-31.
Lawrence Twp. will receive donations March 5-11 and 19-25.

Alliance Fire Dept. 63 Broadway St. 330-821-1213
Canal Fulton Fire Dept. 1165 Locust St. 330-854-2456
Hartville Fire Dept. 411 E. Maple St. 330-877-2478
Jackson Twp. Safety Ctr. 7383 Fulton Dr. N.W. 330- 834-3950
Lawrence Twp. Fire Dept. 12270 Strausser Ave. 330-854-6755
Lexington Twp. Fire Dept. 14555 Gaskill Dr. N.E. 330-823-7627
Louisville Fire Dept. 215 S. Mill St. 330-875-2663
Massillon Fire Dept. 233 Erie St. S. 330-833-1053
North Canton Fire Dept. 300 N. Main St. 330-499-3404
Plain Twp. Admin. Office 2600 Easton St. N.E. 330-492-4089
Uniontown Fire Dept. 13055 Oakwood Ave. N.W. 330-699-3239
Washington Twp. Fire Dept. 5843 Beechwood Ave. 330-821-9834


Residents can donate dry dog/cat food and cat litter at these locations weekdays March 1-31 from 8am-4pm.

The hours at the Mogadore Municipal Bldg. are 8:30am-5pm.

Atwater Fire Dept. 6570 Waterloo Rd. 330-947-2323
Aurora Fire Dept. 65 W. Pioneer Trail 330-562-7171
Brady Lake Donate at Ravenna Twp. Fire Dept.
Brimfield Fire Dept. 1333 Tallmadge Rd. 330-678-9244
Charlestown Twp. Donate at Ravenna Fire Dept.
Deerfield Fire Dept. 9482 State Rt. 224 330-584-2515
Diamond Donate at Palmyra Fire Dept.
Edinburg Fire Dept. 6727 Tallmadge Rd. 330-325-1224
Frankllin Twp. Donate at Kent Fire Dept.
Freedom Twp. Donate at Garrettsville Fire Dept.
Garrettsville Fire Dept. 8035 Elm St. 330-527-4050
Hiram Fire Dept. 11617 Garfield Rd. 330-569-9826
Kent Fire Dept. 320 S. Depeyster 330-673-8814
Mantua-Shalersville Fire Dept. 10303 State Rt. 44 330-274-3535
Mogadore Mun. Bldg. 135 S. Cleveland Ave. 330-628-4896
Nelson Twp. Donate at Garrettsville Fire Dept.
North Benton Donate at Deerfield Fire Dept.
Palmyra Fire Dept. 3956 State Rt. 225 330-654-4098
Randolph Fire Dept. 1639 State Rt. 44 330-325-1904
Ravenna Fire Dept. 214 Parkway 330-297-5738
Ravenna Twp. Fire Dept. 6115 S. Spring St. 330-297-2192
Rootstown Fire Dept. 4152 Tallmadge Rd. 330-325-7233
Streetsboro Fire Dept. 9184 State Rt. 43 330-626-4664
Suffield Fire Dept. 1256 Waterloo Rd. 330-628-9240
Windham Police and Fire 9621 E. Center St. 330-326-2211

For more information on this pet food drive contact:
Jim Collver with the Ohio Celtic Club
Phone:  330-867-0485

This information is copied from the St. Pet’s Day FaceBook page.

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Click Here for Valentine Slide Show


I'm gonna give you a valentine.

I'm gonna give you a valentine.

Because you are a friend of mine,

Oh Valentine, you're my valentine.

Because you are a friend of mine.

I'm gonna give you a valentine.

Hugs & Kisses to Everyone out there

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Stark County Humane Society’sAnnual Mutt Strut

When: Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Registration at noon; the walk begins at 2:00 p.m.

Place: Hoover Park,  1901 E. Maple St., North Canton  OH

Join OGGA members and our hounds for a two-mile  walk to raise money for the Stark County Humane Society.

Go to the Stark County Humane Society’s website for more information and to download an event’s pledge form.

Mutt Strut Contests:

  • Owner/Pet Resemblance (not costumed, but natural features!)
  • Best Pet Costume
  • Howlin’ at the Moon
  • Waggiest Tail
  • Best Owner/Pet Costuming
  • Wackiest Pet Talent
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Big Drama Queen

Big Drama Queen is a fitting name for her.  She has a fear of tile floors, inside concrete floors, the crate and steps.  I wish they had named her Fearless Fosdick!  I am sure she will be fine in a few days, but it is a chore doing all of this on your own.  I have tile in a lot of my house, including the area going down to the basement to the backyard where the fence is located, and in front of the front door, so no matter how I take her out, she has to cross it.  She freezes up on the concrete in the basement too, and I literally have to bend down and place one foot in front of the other to get her across the 12-14′ to the steps and then up the steps.  I put runners down, but she is still afraid.  The steps are carpeted, so that helps a LITTLE.  Sister, Lilly is being patient as am I with the newbee.

Finding the pool is safer than hard floors!

My little girl that isn’t interested in the furniture, but she sure wants to keep an eye on me at all time.  Right now, she is watching me from the first floor and whining.  I can’t get her to come any further than the landing  where the staircase turns, but then she doesn’t like it because she can’t see me.  She is progressing slowly.  I have ordered an assist vest for her before I try taking her down the basement steps.  She is still a little spooked when we go into the garage because there again, we have the concrete inside a building thing, that in her doggie logic equates to “slippery tile”.  But she is a sweetie.  Of course, saying that, she just “checked” on Dalby, who came flying up the steps.

7-28-2010 UPDATE:

I got Drama’s assist vest in the mail on Monday, but decided
to wait a couple more days until she was really doing well
going down the steps into the garage before I tired the much
longer steps to the basement.  I worked yesterday all day, so
didn’t have the time to work on it then, but this morning after
breakfast and reading the paper, I put her vest on, spent about
20 minutes loving her and talking to her real soft, and then opened
the basement door.  No, she did not go running down – she freaked
out when she saw the door opened.  I finally got her to the edge of
the steps and again worked about 1/2 hour.  Still she wouldn’t go
down, in fact, she “zones out” when she gets scared.  She turns her
head and just stares.  I kept pulling her face around towards mine
and looking her in the eyes and I could feel her relaxing a bit.  She
still would hold her head up and not look down toward the steps, so
I got her back from the steps and had Lilly come out and go down
them – this isn’t the first time she has seen Lilly do it, but it seemed
to be the first that she paid attention to HOW she did it.  I got her
to the edge of the steps again, and she carefully put one foot down on
the step and then slowly went down.  I just kept enough pressure on
the assist vest that she would feel secure.  Just to make sure it wasn’t
a fluke, we did it again for their noon break.

I really needed her to get
going on this because tomorrow, my rambunctious grandpuppy comes to
stay for the weekend, and he has no manners.  Starts down the steps and
then turns around to see if anyone is following him and stand crosswise
on the steps.  He will be penned up in the utility room until the greys are
safely downstairs.  Anyway, I had to share the GREYT news!!

Greyhounds and Children

Greyhounds and Children

Most greyhounds have never seen a child until they leave the racetrack.  Children must know how to respect animals and give them their space.  Since greyhounds have been confined to their own crates and beds, they can be possessive of these areas.  Eating and sleeping have been very private times in the past for greyhounds, and children should be taught not to disturb them during these times.  Younger children may also not understand how important it is to the greyhound’s safety to shut gates and doors.

Learn more about greyhounds and children

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