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Lucho is having difficulty walking with us and the other dogs…..this is my solution!



Here is Lucho’s story:

He is a galgo from Spain who had been stray for a long while.  His right rear leg was injured badly and, after he was finally captured, it was determined that it had to be amputated.  He wasn’t doing well at the rescue facility but his luck changed when Forever Home Greyhounds, from New York, decided to bring him back to the U.S.  I had agreed to adopt him, sight unseen, as I already had one galgo that I brought back from Scooby Medina the year before.

Lucho had a bout with leptospirosis and was recovering well, then took a downturn.  He was diagnosed with leishmaniasis, a protozoal infection transmitted primarily by sand flies.  We don’t see it often here but it is very common in Spain.  The disease can’t be cured but it can be managed.  He is being treated by Dr. Couto at Ohio State Vet School.  Leishmaniasis is a wasting disease so the muscle in Lucho’s remaining rear leg isn’t very strong.  To make matters worse, his back is arched and his pelvis twisted from whatever happened to him in Spain.   He goes up and down several steps to go out into the fenced backyard and he can get on the sofa but he is unable to go for a walk with the other three dogs.  Since he’s VERY vocal if we leave him home alone and walk the others, I decided that I must find a way to take him along…..and here he is in all his glory!

Chris Mosey
Lucho’s mom






10/23/2011 Update on Scooby

In case anyone doesn’t know, the Scooby shelter in Spain lost its government
funding on account of the economy. Scooby’s expenses are ~$3,000 a month.
Supporters came up with a brilliant idea to keep Scooby afloat, Scooby
Project 3000. If 600 people commit to giving $5 a month, Scooby is taken
care of. Well, I just got their first newsletter and only 100 people have
signed up  ;(

You can donate thru Paypal and it’s tax deductible, give more if you can
afford it. If 30 people can give $100 a month, it’s done!

The way it works is Saskia sends you an email reminder each month and you
just go to Paypal to make your donation. You can visit Scooby Project 3000!
on Facebook or you can email Saskia in Holland (

At OGGA’s September 11th Greyhound Gathering there will be a drop-off box for gently used greyhound coats & collars  for Scooby Rescue Center in Spain.  OGGA member, Chris Mosey,  volunteers her time to Scooby Medina and will be collecting greyhound items to send over to the Scooby Center.

Thanks for anything you can do 😉

Suzanne Stack, DVM

Information on Scooby….

Scooby started out in 1987 as a shelter under poor conditions, providing refuge for the stray cat and dog population and the numerous Galgos (Spanish bred sighthounds) discarded mainly by the local coursing fraternity in the area of Medina del Campo, Valladolid. Scooby is being lead since years by its honorary president Fermín Pérez, in daily life a science teacher at the main senior school in Medina del Campo.

Fermín Pérez

Tens of thousands of Galgos are bred annually in Spain in the hope of producing the national coursing champion. Medina del Campo is the focal point for those with a coursing interest in Spain. Many galgueros (breeders and owners of Galgos) live in Medina del Campo and in the surrounding areas. For the galgueros it has been an annual tradition to kill their Galgos by hanging them en masse in the local pine forests at the end of the coursing season (January/February).  To read more click here.


Galgos at Scooby Center

Scooby Median Website

Official Scooby Galgo Rescue Facebook Page

Auction for Scooby Animal Rescue
To Email Chris directly:


Currently the situation at Scooby is absolutely desperate. At the moment, the shelter has enough money to run for 5 months. It has now become a situation of life or death for all the animals, including Scooby as we know it. The shelter is completely full with 500 dogs, more than 300 of which are galgos.

For organizations such as OGGA and Scooby that depend on people’s generosity we realize these are difficult times for many of us.  However, people have much they can offer besides financial support.  In this case, it is the the need for greyhound coats & collars that are tucked in a closet to gather dust.  These items can benefit  Scooby greyhounds that do not have the luxury of a winter coat even though they are kept outside year round.

So check for those greyhound “outfits” that have not been worn in a while and donate them to Galgos that will benefit greatly from your generosity.



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