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VCAH has been getting a lot of questions regarding the Canine Flu coming to our area.
Here are the facts:
* We have our first confirmed case in the area just recently.  A puppy that was bought from a “breeder” in Minerva was treated for kennel cough at another veterinary hospital.  After two weeks of treatment, the puppy did not improve and the veterinarian tested for canine flu.  The test came back positive for the new strain in Chicago.
*Canine flu is rare but is highly contagious.
* Symptoms include fever, cough, nasal discharge, and lack of energy.
* It is rarely fatal, but can be an issue for high risk dogs, including young puppies, geriatric dogs and dogs with compromised immune systems.
* It is not contagious to humans.
* We do know that there has been a surge of it in the Chicago area, a result of some rescue organizations bringing dogs over from Asia who were carrying the virus.
* The strains that they are finding are H3N2, which is the one from Asia, but also H3N8 which is the older strain.
* Experts are unsure if the vaccine is effective against these strains.
Our recommendations are the following:
*We have no vaccine protocol in place yet, as we are not certain the vaccine will protect against the new strain of flu.
*Prevention is key.  Do not take your dog to a dog park, kennel, or other location where many unknown dogs gather.
Our biggest concern is the health of your pets, and we are keeping up-to-date with the latest information regarding the flu outbreak.  For updates, please Click Here to go to our website.
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Dr Guillermo Couto with Bosha a 3 year cancer survivor.


ABC6 in Columbus did an interview with Dr. Guillermo Couto, head of the OSU Greyhound Wellness Program at the OSU Veterinary College.

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