Thank You for showing interest in being part of OGGA’s network of foster families.  Fostering is, without a doubt the most vital and fundamental aspect of our organization.  Without fosters, it is impossible for OGGA to successfully acclimate retired racers in preparation for adoption.


OGGA foster flyer Karen Mickey 2015

Karen with Foster-girl, Mickey


Why Foster a Retired-Racing Greyhound?

You will save a greyhound’s life—Many greyhounds would not come off the tracks to enter the adoption program if it were not for foster families.  Foster Families are the true greyhound rescuers.

Help the greyhound to adjust to home life—-Coming from the track greyhounds don’t know about stairs, slippery floors, glass doors/windows, or other animals so it is up to the fosterer to help the greyhound adjust to retirement in a home setting.

Watch them bloom—greyhounds have led a sheltered life at the track.  Once in a home setting you will notice their personality come out every day you are with them.

Fostering a dog teaches children responsibility, compassion and generosity.

Persons considering greyhound adoption can learn firsthand by fostering.

If you are considering a companion for your greyhound, but not sure if you want to adopt a second greyhound on a permanent basis, fostering may be the solution.

Fostering is a way to give back to your community. If you love animals, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a retired-racing greyhound.


Never say Never….

We frequently hear from people “I am afraid I will get too attached to a foster greyhound and not be able to give him/her up.”  While it is a difficult and emotional time when that big adoption day arrives, remember that if you adopt, you can save one, however if you foster you can save many more greyhounds.  Greyhound organizations such as OGGA would not be able to save retired-racing greyhounds if it were not for fosters.

OGGA will provide the:

  • Medical Care
  • Heart Worm Medication
  • Flea Prevention
  • A Crate
  • Martingale Collar & Leash

You provide the:

  • Love
  • Attention
  • Food
  • Soft Bed
  • Toys

So what do you say?  With you OGGA will be able to rescue another greyhound.

Without you….it may not be a happy ending.